For the Creatives

I approach creative writing with a four step system:

1) Expand the first draft to fill in as much information as possible
2) Pare down to the most necessary information
3) Restructure to better tell the story
4) Proofread (often two rounds)

Before I read a piece, I start with a mini interview for the writer, asking who their favorite writers are, what they are trying to get across in their writing, and what they see as an end goal. From there, I work with my writers to make sure that their goals are being met and that they have complete satisfaction throughout the entire process. 

Fiction M.S.:
Poetry M.S.: $60-$90 total

Individual pieces: $15/poem 
$30/fiction piece

For the Students

I’ve worked with student papers for the past six years, covering everything from literature to physics. I cut to the chase, asking about main concerns, past issues in papers, and for the parts that my writers are most proud of--I want to let your writing and knowledge shine through the page, not left covered in grammatical errors and confusing verbiage. I read through papers multiple times, first looking for grammar mistakes, then reviewing argument structure, and finally reading for overall consistency. Looking for some homework help? I am here for you. Let's talk. 

Dissertation: $100 (starting)
Papers: $30/hour

For the Entrepreneurs

Starting a business? Looking for clients? Hoping to get your upcoming events posted in one place? From copy editing to copy writing to general visual touches, I am here to help. Let’s get your name out there!

$20 per hour

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